Is 100% FREE or is it Bait and Charge? 

The most frequently asked questions that we are emailed and contacted over and over again is, "Is REALLY 100% FREE or is it Bait and Charge?" It's the question that keeps flooding our emails, so we decided to write a blog entry on the real costs of for someone to sign up and use. This is why we don't have many more millions of people signing up IMMEDIATELLY, because they don't believe it is really 100% Free to Start and 100% Free to Use. The problem, we find, is that a LOT of people have been burnt on other dating sites "Claiming to be FREE to START", which is different than, "FREE to USE". To make our point, lets explain the problem and why people have been burnt on other sites and don't seem to believe that our site is 100% FREE to both START and 100% FREE to USE and that we never charge or ask for a credit card to use our system.

Match and other dating sites grab your credit card after you invested so much time!


Many dating sites, such as, advertises on TV that "Match is Free to JOIN". Then, a single person invests his or her time in setting up a profile. As advertised, it was Free to Join! Then the user is presented with a bunch of sexy single matching Photos to click on. The unsuspecting user then clicks on the photo and INSTEAD OF THAT GEORGOUS SINGLE PERSON, IT ASKS FOR YOUR CREDIT CARD! If you don't put in your credit card, you can't contact anyone, you can't write to them or flirt with them or do anything other than search and see. You get to "see" them, but, you can't "make contact" with them until you put in YOUR credit card into their system! And after all that, that person may still turn out to be a dud or phony profile picture, well, you get the picture! Now, the user is BURNT and feels cheated and at a loss. The user either wasted all the invested time entering in profile information or wasted all the money putting in a credit card which then bills every month like clock work! Some sites also make you cancel with a 30 or 60 day advance notice, thereby, billing you an extra month or two, to try to resign after you are billed. This is why more than 99% of all dating sites fail. People just don't trust them. People have been BURNT before and they don't want to be burnt again! - Twippen is the newest Social Media and Dating Site ALWAYS 100% FREE TO JOING AND FREE TO USE

THE SOLUTION is the newest Social Media and Dating Site in one that is ALWAYS 100% FREE TO JOING AND 100% FREE TO USE. will NEVER ask you to enter a Credit Card!   Twippen will always be free and easy to use.  We dont ask you to fill out a lot of profile information, you can join with just a few click of information.   If you want to fill in more now or later, you can at any time.  So, its fast and easy to sign up.  

Most importantly, we dont charge you to sign up, we dont charge you to send message or flirt or blog or for anything. is always FREE.   It is free to sign up and is free to USE AT ALL TIMES. is the solution.   Therefore, there is no need to hold back and put off signing up with   We make it simple and free for you.   Simple, fast and easy to sign up and ALWAYS FREE TO USE at all times.  

I know you are wondering, what is the catch?   There is none.  We want to have happy people on our site.    Happy people having fun, that's all, it's that simple.   We may generate revenue through other sources, such as small ads on some pages, but there is no obligation to buy or order or pay anything, ever! is always free, simple and easy.  So, why not stop by today and sign up for free because everything else is also free too and WE NEVER ASK YOU TO ENTER A CREDIT CARD!  To sign up FREE, right now, at and follow the join link or button today! - Twippen is the newest Social Media and Dating Site ALWAYS 100% FREE TO JOING AND FREE TO USE