Facebook removes and bans a woman's picture for loosing weight !

'Facebook banned my weight loss photo,' Attorney general's wife who lost 120lb over six years barred from website for promoting 'idolized body image' does not suspend users or ban phots like facebook and twitter does !


  • Marilyn McKenna weighed 265 pounds before beginning her weight loss regime in 2007
  • While cleaning out her closet recently she found an old pair of her 'fat pants'
  • She posted a photo of her standing inside one leg of her old pants on Facebook, but it was quickly taken down
  • She claims that Facebook told her it was because she was promoting an 'idealized body image', although they claim she was trying to sell stuff
  • McKenna speaks and writes about health issues, but she protests that it is all free of charge
  • On Sunday she tweeted that she has meeting with a representative from Facebook this coming week to resolve their differences


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