Twippen Celebrates over 3 Million in August 2013

Twippen constant GROWING audiance is getting BIGGER AND BIGGER!   Each month, the signups, visitors and hits are constantly building at a very steady pace.    In August 2013, we now celebrate over 3 MILLION and close to ALMOST 4 MILLION!  This is very good for a site that has started very recently and we celebrate the growing audiance that have come to take a look and to join.

Our business owner and designer said that the main reasons that we have such a growing audiance are that the interface is slick and refined;  the service is completely free to everyone;  the service is free to join and free to use forever;  we don't ban anyone or have tremendous rules where accounts are suspended like other sites and we dont ask a million questions to join.   These basic philisophies have enabled us to grow at a tremendous rate and we see that the growth will not stop any time soon.

Come take a look at our growing online community that is EASY TO USE, QUICK TO JOIN, FREE TO JOIN,  FREE TO USE and SUSPENSION-FREE,

If you have not already created your user account, join our growing community, please stop by and sign up here.